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Overlooking the Frauenkirche church and the River Elbe, the Hilton Dresden Hotel is ... Hotel Details
"The main advantage of staying at the Hilton in Dresden is its location - right next to the Frauenkirche, everything ..."
- Mr.Christopher United Kingdom Read Reviews
*USD 261
available on 1-May-2014
Hotel Am Blauen Wunder Dresden is situated in one of the most beautiful ... Hotel Details
"Blinds in the windows are needed in order to keep it dark, specially in the morning ..."
- Mr.ALBERT Spain Read Reviews
The Hotel Bayerischer Hof Dresden offers you in the heart of a developing city a location to feel comfortable, to relax and to hold meetings. Because of its central location to the Neustaedter railway station as well as to the most famous sightseeing points ... Hotel Details
Welcome to the unique Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais Dresden in the heart of Dresden's ... Hotel Details
"I am tall and my wife short, but we both found the beds to be too low to the floor ..."
- Mr.David USA Read Reviews
*USD 247
available on 1-May-2014
A warm welcome to the newly opened QF Hotel Dresden.This 5-star hotel offers you a new hotel experience in the quarter of Dresden next to the famous Frauenkirche, in a building with 40 exclusive shops, restaurants and services. The hotel has rooms for ... Hotel Details
*USD 206
available on 7-May-2014
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