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Overall Ratings by 2 Reviewers is:  4.3 
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A Welcome To Ireland

Recommendation:  by Martin Duffy
Suitable for: Leisure, Romance, Families, Singles, Couples

Some former customers from the US knew that I was moving to Ireland for business and decided to throw me a party at a nearby house in Dalkie. A friend recommended staying at the Fitzpatrick Hotel. When we arrived, it felt like going back in time! Great looking place and beautiful surroundings!

  Facilities 4
  Ambience 5
  Service 4
  Location 4
  Value for Money 4
  Bed 5
  Cleanliness 4
  Room Size 4
  Amenities 4

Recommendation:  by Barbara Williamson

Excellent size room with 2 double beds, table chair & sofa, nicely decorated, good size bathroom, however our view was looking on to another wall.

  Facilities 3
  Ambience 4
  Service 4
  Location 4
  Value for Money 4
  Bed 5
  Cleanliness 5
  Room Size 5
  Amenities 5

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