Q1.  What year did Le Meridien Nice open for business?
Q2.  Renovations to the hotel were last done in ...
Q3.  How many guest rooms are there at the hotel?
Q4.  How many guest floors are there?


Q1.  Is parking facilities provided?
Q2.  Is the hotel provided with lifts/elevators to the guest floors?
Q3.  Can guests access the internet at Le Meridien Nice?
Q4.  Is a 24 hr reception available?
Q5.  Is the location a popular tourist area?
Five minutes walk from the hotel are the famous sightseeing spots of Nice, the old city, the port and the famous market places. Luxury boutiques in pedestrian zones are found behind the hotel and there is a shopping mall nearby. The French Riviera has a host of sites to see with tours of medieval villages, museums, galleries and craft shops. Mini-cruises along the coast, with lunch or dinner, or helicopter tours are also available. Tennis, horse riding, golf, paragliding, hot-air ballooning, skiing and the French sport of ‘canyoning’ are all found near the hotel.
Q6.  Is your hotel children-friendly?
Q7.  Are baby cots available, on request?
Q8.  Are babysitting services provided upon request?
Yes, at a nominal fee.
Q9.  Does the management allow guests to bring pets?
Yes, at a nominal fee.


Q1.  Are the bathrooms equipped with showers, or bathtubs, or both at the property?
Private bathroom - bathtub.
Q2.  Are any of the guest rooms at Le Meridien Nice inter-connecting
Q3.  Are handicapped/disabled rooms provided upon request?
Q4.  Are air-conditioners available in the guest rooms?
Q5.  Are smoking rooms available upon request?
Q6.  Are non-smoking rooms available upon request?


Q1.  How much is breakfast at Le Meridien Nice?
As per a la carte menu.
Q2.  What is available for breakfast?
As per menu.
Q3.  What charges are applicable for lunch?
As per a la carte menu.
Q4.  What is the cost for dinner?
As per a la carte menu.


Q1.  What is the distance, in kilometers or miles, to the city centre?
2 Kilometers away.
Q2.  How distant is the airport? (In Kilometers/Miles)
Ten minutes drive (6 km) from Nice International Airport.
Q3.  How distant is the train station from Le Meridien Nice? (In Kilometers/Miles)
Train station is 2 km away.
Q4.  Is airport transfer provided?
Yes, at a nominal fee.
Q5.  How much is a taxi from the airport to the hotel?
About EUR 25.
Q6.  What is the closest subway station? (If applicable)
Not applicable.

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