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Hotel Palazzo Barbarigo Sul Canal Grande Venice is located right on the Canal Grande, near the Rialto Bridge and next to the well known Palazzo Pisani-Moretta, just a few minutes walk from Piazzale Roma and the railway station. Very close to all major ... Hotel Details
*USD 426
available on 20-Oct-2014
Palazzo Abadessa is situated in the heart of the lagoon city, in a very characteristic zone where you will feel the spontaneous urge to immerse yourself in the authentic Venetian atmosphere: just walk through the narrow streets and foundations and let yourself be transported ... Hotel Details
*USD 479
available on 27-Oct-2014
Venice's newest all natural wellness spa and boutique hotel, the Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa Venice on Giudecca Island, continues the philosophical traditions of its past by redefining the ideals of grace, beauty and character. The original property, one of Andrea Palladio's famous ... Hotel Details
*USD 343
available on 27-Oct-2014
Ca Maria Adele Venice Hotel unfolds within the walls of an historic 16th Century palazzo, now completely renovated respecting both its environment and history. Facing onto a canal and with views directly over the magnificent church of Santa Maria della Salute, Ca Maria Adele ... Hotel Details
*USD 520
available on 20-Oct-2014
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