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“The Cruise” – Martina Flawd by Danil Rudoy

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“The Cruise” – Martina Flawd by Danil Rudoy

In the end, I relented and booked a luxury suite on a Mediterranean cruise liner. I went alone, thinking there’d be plenty of options on board, but merely played out the same scene, fancying women who didn’t fancy me and vice versa. I was disappointed, finding little amusement in tourist duties like overeating, trying every Jacuzzi, or playing poker. Fortunately, the breathtaking sunsets did whet my imagination, inspiring me to work on a novel and finish some poems that had been on my to-do list for a very long time.

It was just before returning to Civitavecchia, the port where the voyage had begun, that I met two Italian women in their late thirties who took a keen interest in me. Their English was as terrible as my Italian, so we had to rely on Spanish. The ladies claimed to be sisters and offered to show me around their native Rome. The liner docked in the early morning, and with my return flight departing late in the afternoon, I accepted. Under the pretext of dropping off their luggage, they took me to their apartment, and that’s where the sightseeing began.

It was the first time that I had had sex with two women at the same time, and I was amazed at how smoothly it went. Letting instincts take over proved key; as for the ladies, they put out a most praiseworthy performance, which pushed me to the extreme. Which I welcomed, appreciating both their expertise and the chance to flaunt my own. When they were finally sated, I checked the time and could not believe my eyes. There was precisely half an hour left before take-off.

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